• Why Do You Need Business Casa ?

    The future is for startups and India is a country where only 2 out of 10 startups succeed. In order to make this number increase, we came up with this solution. What these young entrepreneurs are lacking in, is experience. Business casa is the first platform where young students can connect with entrepreneurs, and exalt and deepen their understanding regarding the setting up and management of a business. Our platform is not only important for people with startup ideas but also for small scale and developing business firms. Here these small-scale business firms can get suggestions and recommendations from established businessmen.

  • How Do We Make it Possible ?

    We invite experienced and elite businessmen who have themselves led their organizations to the next level. We want you to learn what your textbooks can’t teach you because theoretically everything might look undemanding but practically it may not be that straightforward.

  • Common Challenges Faced While Floating a Startup

    • Lack Of Proper Marketing

    • Efficient use of social Media Management Tools

    • Leveraging The Technology At Hand And Building Your Network

    Stalwarts Are Waiting For You To Make Your Dream Come True

  • Our Speakers

    Paresh Patel

    Mr. Paresh Patel is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of CyberSWIFT Infotech Private Limited which he founded 20 years ago...

    Shubhenjit Chaudhuri

    Mr. Shubhenjit Chaudhuri has joined SRMB Steel as President Marketing since 1st July 2020. Prior to this he has nearly 30 years of experience in Tata Steel...

    Abraham Stephanos

    Mr. Abraham Stephanos, MD of Tata Steel Downstream Processing Limited is willing to participate in this...

    Meet Our Team

    Get to know the people behind Intact. We are a Group of 3 Aspiring Young minds from Kolkata.

  • Uddhav Beriwala
    Uddhav is the main brain behind this Initiative. He is an aspiring Entrepreneur.
    Ashmit Agarwal
    Ashmit is a versatile person with a whole lot of skills.
    Keishav Killa
    Keishav has the sharpest mind among all of us. Always eager to help out and never a phone call away.
  • Free Conclave

    We invite the industry leaders frequently to speak on topics ranging from as simple as 'How to start a company' to 'How to solve the internal bugs in the organization'. Please check the dates for the various master classes to be held and attend accordingly.